Hello! I'm Nadine, a Self Leadership coach and cofounder of ArtIFS -- Self Leadership through Creativity. I also run group experiences.

My work is about helping you find your way to a fuller, more authentic life, whatever your life situation. I help you get to your core -- a naturally healing space of calm, clarity, confidence and heartfelt connection. Through this increased sense of self leadership, you will find a growing natural resilience to life's challenges.

Self leadership is the opposite of drifting your way through life or reacting to situations. With increased Self Leadership, you are more in touch with your being and feel more alive. You naturally start to live from your core and make choices that are right for you.


My standard rate is £70/hr (around $90 USD).

Financial limitations should not be a bar to developing Self Leadership so I provide a number of discounted slots per week for those on a low income (£35/hr).

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Happy to work with your team 1-2-1 and/or in a group. Please get in touch

MY TOOLBOX -- IFS Therapy, Creativity, Mindfulness, Intuition and more!

ArtIFS - Self Leadership through Creativity                                        

Gradually develop loving relationships with others and yourself and true Self Leadership through creative processes.

No artistic skill is necessary. You don't need to be creative/artistic personality type to benefit.

ArtIFS is the union between creativity and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

Clients find these sessions calming, positive, surprising and gently healing.

Sessions are 60mins or longer depending on individual needs.

Coaching for Creatives           

For artists, musicians etc (blocked or not) and anyone drawn to creating something.

Reconnect to the creativity already present within you.

Explore blocks and free up energy and the artist within.

Sessions are flexible in their duration.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

For improving general wellbeing and functioning.

IFS is an evidence-based, gentle (nontraumatising), yet transformative, approach to therapy and inner healing.

Develop your own inner resources and harmony.

Develop clarity, confidence, courage, compassion, calm, creativity and greater connection with yourself and others.

An IFS session is either 60mins, 90mins or 120mins.


"In an age of acceleration, nothing is be more exhilarating than going slow.

... and In an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention.

... and in an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent than sitting still"  Pico Iyer

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