Accessing our Inner Light

Hello, I'm Nadine. Welcome to my website!

Here you will find information about the work I do with others and some of my writing. To read about me, click here.

I hope my work with you or my writing provide some benefit to you!

Peace and blessings, Nadine x

About my work with others

In order to feel good and live a life brimming with abundance, love for ourselves, life and each other, we need to be willing to change how we perceive our reality what we take responsibility for. How we feel is also an indication of how close we are to our natural state. If we feel restricted, uncomfortable or miserable somehow, we actually believe in a lie on some level.

I help you see anew, clarify your unique vision and motivate you to deepening your lived experience of Soul/Spirit, whatever your perspective and current circumstance.

Blocks are turned into mere stepping stones and obstacles are transformed into helpers on a journey that is unique and authentic to you.

We will work well together if you are:

  • Committed to diving into something new,
  • Looking forward to crumbling old and unhelpful mental scaffolding,
  • Open to discovering or deepening your experience of the greater Self,
  • Want to be challenged if necessary,
  • Finally ready to start living in joy.

Tell me why you would like to work with me.

My approach and tools:

• I consider my most significant gift to be a deep, grounded inner knowing. All my guidance comes from knowing that we are all one and love is there for all. That everything that exists is part of the same energy.

• My main method uses verbal communication/ talking, body language and clairsentience (including IFS Therapy and other techniques).

• Energy work.

• Creative tools - drawing, doodling, writing, voice, movement and play!

• Integrated knowledge from many fields (medical school, being an IFS Therapy Practitioner and codeveloping ArtIFS). Experience of spiritual traditions/knowledge driven from lifelong mystical experiences and lack of fulfillment through religion/atheism.

• Authenticity, honesty, vulnerability and promoting Self Leadership on both my part and yours is crucial to the process.

• A foundation of Love, Truth and Discernment. This work is sacred to me because part of my purpose in this incarnation is helping others access their own divine spark. I would prefer the most efficient route to this and am not interested in prolonging contact unnecessarily.


Workshop Experience


Accessing our Inner Light workshop (Vancouver, Canada).


Self Discovery through Art and ArtIFS workshops (London, England).

Presenting ArtIFS at the Annual IFS Therapy Conference (Rhode Island, USA).

Introducing ArtIFS to Creative Therapies students (Bristol, England).

Cohosting IFS and Creativity working groups (online).


Although this is deeply healing work, my services are not a substitute for psychological or medical expertise.

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