Accessing Inner Light

We are on this Earth to awaken to and align with our Divine Soul!

Hi, I’m Nadine and I love helping others awaken to this realization!

This is my premise:

EVERYTHING originates om the same place. All of life (Leela) happens according to Divine providence. It’s our choice, whatever our present level of awareness to embody ourselves and align with our Divine Soul. Prior to each alignment, every experience/lesson of our life holds a gift when seen through the eyes of Soul. These gifts serve to fulfill our deepest yearning.

This is what our bodies and minds naturally aim for!

Practices like mantra meditation, psychotherapy or parts work are only useful within their own contexts. They make it more possible for us to realize our Self. What they don’t really focus on, however, is the one path consciousness is really “here” for. The one pointing back to Source / Divine Self. ‘Losing the ego’ is just part of the picture.

Spiritual masters have tried in their own way to bridge that gap to Divine Self. But so many people are still confused. Plus, add to that the baggage coming with religion and “God’ that deters a lot of people from reconnecting within.

The Divine is real. More real than this existence. In fact, the only reality. It works through us whether we know it or not.

In my own experience, I’ve found the MOST fulfilling path is one that comes from choosing to live in alignment to Soul. Then through Grace, knowing and living through Divinity is THE greatest, most AMAZING existence possible. Yet people don’t really have a clue about either and are disconnected.

Whatever the perspective and current circumstance, we can deepen lived experience of our Soul/Spirit and connection to Divine Self. We CAN connect to Source and we all have an innate ability to do that. This is why we are here.

My egoSelf is learning how to … and so can you!

♥ ♥ ♥

My approach to coaching others whatever path they're on:

• Grounded inner knowing and spiritual discernment. This is not a journey of sweet fluff. Depth and authentic living is powerful work though it does feel heavenly at times :) We get positive feedback as a result of this conscious journey.

• Connecting, through conversation and presence, to help un-learn stumbling blocks and bring awareness. Simultaneously, reading and helping you transform your energy. Only through Grace will subtle energy work or energy transmissions ever happen. Grace meets us wherever we are on our journey.

• This is incredibly sacred work to me. Your journey is part of my journey. Sharing embodied Divinity with others FEELS wonderful to me so really, I do this for myself.

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