Here's a question -- how are you feeling now?

Do any of these ring true to true for you?

• You feel there is something more to life but not sure what.
• You are called to do some work with yourself but could do with some help.
• You may feel stuck or unhappy, anxious or troubled by something in the present or past.
• You're going through some kind of emotional/spiritual crisis.
• Something inside yourself yearns to be heard or expressed. You may not even know what it is!
• You react or act in ways you'd rather not or feel conflicted within.
• You find it difficult to be compassionate/kind towards yourself.
• You want to increase your emotional resources or unblock that creativity.
• You want to live a life you feel more excited about!

Chances are, if you're visiting this website. you could be feeling slightly, if not a lot, better!

If things could be better for you, I'd like to guide you to that better way. Ever since I was a child, I've absorbed wisdom from many sources, later even developing my own techniques -- all of which I've used them in my own life. I'd like to take the hard work out of self growth and save you time on all the things I've learned through trial and error. I would've loved to know then what I know now and it would be cool to share some of that :)

My main premise is that in order to feel good; and live a life brimming with fullness and love (love for ourselves, our life and each other), we need to be willing to change how we perceive our reality and what we take responsibility for.

At first, trying a new way of seeing things might feel unusual. All that's needed is to experience the results new perception and choices have on your wellbeing and life and be more than pleasantly surprised.

I am in the business of showing people a different way of seeing things; of guiding you on a path of your own choosing. Your perception and consciousness is the root of it all. It is the key to living the life you're here to live.

People might think this is akin to saying "attitude is everything" but this isn't really accurate. How can you change your attitude if your life sucks?! What if your energy levels are low, you have no true friends, are lonely or are longing for that soulmate yet haven't found one?

Let me show you :)

Contact me if you're:

  • Committed to diving into something new,
  • Looking forward to crumbling old and unhelpful mental scaffolding and
  • Finally ready to start living in joy :) 

Wouldn't be be great if feeling joyful was the norm for most people? The world would be a much better place. Let's start changing it by helping ourselves first :)

Tell me why you're ready to work with me.

What I use:

• My most significant gifts are a deep, grounded inner knowing and heart/mind/body/spirit intelligence. My guidance comes from knowing that we are all one and love is there for all. Everything that exists is part of the same energy which we can all tap into.

• Energy work using clairsentience.

Your input is vital. I do not go within (like a 'psychic') and tell you things. This is YOUR unique journey.

• My own integrated knowledge and an approach gained from lifelong learning gleaned from many subjects (including training at medical school, being an IFS Therapy Practitioner and codeveloping ArtIFS).

• Authenticity, honesty, vulnerability and promoting Self Leadership on both my part and yours is crucial to the process.

Introductory rates: $80/hr

I also provide consultations with for Coaches/Therapists.

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