I came into the world a self aware and loving being. Like most other people, growing up was a process of 'losing' myself more and more, partly to protect my empathic and intuitive nature.

As a young teen, I threw myself into the journey of 'finding myself', looking for information I already knew on some level but couldn't quite reach consciously. Bit by bit, through meeting teachers along the way and deep inner work, things started to open up again.

In the meantime, I picked up other skills along the way. I thought I wanted to be a medical doctor, so studied for some years only to leave halfway through my course. I wanted to explore creativity and didn't want to lose my sensitivity. Then I explored game design, art and even gardening. All this whilst focusing intently on my inner world.

Only once I learned to connect the hidden parts of myself that might have been lost, unhappy, insecure or repressed to my inner Self, life became easier, more satisfying and meaningful. I saw that whatever our life circumstances or our response to it, there is always treasure waiting to be found in the present moment. These treasures can only be accessed through our inner obstacles or knots. Sometimes these knots and unhelpful ways of seeing life can be passed through generations and even become dominant cultural patterns.

Once we unravel limiting patterns and integrate our cut-off, hidden or repressed parts, changes happen naturally as a result of this new way of being.

I'm so grateful to the guidance I've received (and am still receiving) on my journey. Most of all, I love to help others on their own meaningful paths too.

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