I came into the world a self aware and loving being. As a baby, I could sense what those around me were feeling and thinking. As a young child, waking life was punctuated by impressions and memories of other lives and even times between lives. I was deeply connected to the Love that is all that is.

Like most other people, however, growing up was a process of 'losing' myself and a conscious connection to this "knowing" more and more, partly to protect my empathic and intuitive nature. Parts of me learned to hide who I really was. This happens to most of us. I now see that for me, this path was necessary in order to fulfill my life path.

As I got older, having 'forgotten' more and more of who I really was and connection to Source, I threw myself into the journey of 'finding myself'. This spiritual seeking was the only thing that gave me hope! I tried but did not find genuine fulfillment in either religion or atheism.

I looked everywhere I could for information I already knew on some level but couldn't quite reach mentally. My teenage years were focused on meditation and studying. I went on self-imposed fasts from all technology, entertainment etc. Although both meditation and digital detoxes made Spirit and inner peace part of my lived experience, it wasn't for long. I had so much more to see.

Bit by bit, through meeting teachers along the way and deep inner work, things started to open up again. Through a deep study of spirituality and Self Inquiry, profound moments of Oneness/Unity/Spirit took away all doubts of who I was.

In the meantime, I picked up some skills along the way. My wounded healer inclination motivated me to study Medicine at university, only to result in me leaving halfway through my course. I didn't want to be part of a system that I could foresee desensitizing me. Creativity beckoned. I explored game design, art and even gardening.

Since my undergrad years, I honed my bedside manner and studied other therapeutic modalities, all while focusing intently on my inner world. Prior spiritual work and knowing Self gave me a surprising skill for practicing IFS Therapy and I went on to combine that with creativity and art, whilst also focusing on my own inner child healing. I codeveloped ArtIFS which was my proudest achievement to date. Grace, however, confirmed my intuition that I wasn't seeing something. I knew the picture wasn't complete and Life presented me with some hard choices. There was more in store past 'realizing' my Self and Divine Spirit had other plans!

Teachers kept coming along, in the form of people and more profound mystical experiences (unaided by psychedelics) ... each held a piece to the puzzle of what I missed. Eventually, egoSelf realized what alignment to Soul and embodying Divinity was!

I'm not perfect and have "bad" days like any other, but I'm guided by my own connection to share this truth with others and help them on their own path. Knowing Divine Spirit and aligning to that feels more REAL and fulfilling to me than anything else in existence.



Accessing our Inner Light workshop (Vancouver, Canada).


Self Discovery through Art and ArtIFS workshops (London, England)

Presenting ArtIFS at the Annual IFS Therapy Conference (Rhode Island, USA)

Introducing ArtIFS to Creative Therapies students (Bristol, England)

Cohosting IFS and Creativity Special Interest Working Groups (online)

Seeing Past Depression (London, UK)

Drawing for Self Leadership – Self Development workshop (London, UK)

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