1. Someone Calls You

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. – Revelation 3:20 We are constantly being helped and loved by God. Our journey can be such that we…

  2. Money, Churches and Fellowship

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    In an effort to find like-minded souls locally and explore fellowship I decided to go to a ‘service’ held by some Christians nearby. They seemed like really nice group of people and very welcoming Unfortunately, my intuition about ‘churches’ proved correct when, bang in the middle of the service, the…

  3. The Most Amazing Love Ever

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    You may know God but does God know you? He’s waiting to say hello to you personally. Can you believe that He’s waiting for YOU to connect to him, through a pure heart, so that he can zap you with the most amazing love you could imagine? A love you…

  4. Creativity

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    Creativity is just one of the smoke signals from our Soul. The message is “Find God!”

  5. God’s Path for You

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    God is always calling to your spirit. Softly and gently – never imposing on you God’s path for you is not linear. It is unpredictable, unforeseen, unexpected. When you start to listen to God, your friends and family will first laugh at you; then they’ll be perplexed, maybe even worried…

  6. Looking for Peace and Calm?

    Date 12 Jan 2018
    Peace and calm calls to us. This is why we crave and respond to reflections of peace and beauty in the world around us. Somehow we know a wonderful kind of peace is possible innately but we don’t know how to get it, especially if we’re atheists or agnostic (like…

  7. I am a Loser!

    Date 01 Jan 2018
    Follow me on steemit to see my new blogging location. I hope to post videos in the future. My newest post, which was inspired by a short post I made on facebook sometime back: “I am a Loser”. Steemit also allows commenting. Hope to see you there! https://steemit.com/spirituality/@nadinemenezes/i-am-a-loser#

  8. Is being on the Side of “Light” God’s Will?

    Date 27 Dec 2017
    Today’s notes: Just because we think we’re on the side of “Light” (as opposed to the “Dark Side”) does not mean we’re actually following Divine Will. As long as we don’t have a connection to the Holy Spirit, we have no idea if what we’re doing is actually God’s will…

  9. How Do We Get Aligned?

    Date 22 Dec 2017
    We may have an inkling that the world is messed up, that people around us (and ourselves) are living a lie or “a role” When we reclaim our choices, in action, thinking and feeling… and discard anything that is not in Truth, we START to live in accordance with Jesus’…

  10. Feeling the Usual Dissonance around Christmas?

    Date 21 Dec 2017
    I’m finding it difficult (now impossible) to ‘celebrate’ Christmas/ New Year/”Holiday events”. Christmas especially because of its pagan roots that have nothing to do with Jesus or when he was born. In the modern world, it has turned into a highly commercial, advertising-driven phenomenon which, to the vast majority who…

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