I can help if ...

You feel there is something more to life but not sure what.

You are called to do some deep work with yourself.

You might be sensitive in some way.

You may feel stuck or unhappy, anxious or troubled by something in the present or past.

You're going through some kind of emotional/spiritual crisis.

Something inside yourself yearns to be heard or healed. You may not even know what it is!

You react or act in ways you'd rather not and feel conflicted.

You find emotional resources running low.

You find it difficult to be compassionate/kind towards yourself.

My Toolbox

Every coach is different, so what tools can I bring to our sessions?

• My most significant gifts are a deep inner knowing, empathic abilities, intuition and heart/mind/body/spirit intelligence.

• Integrated energy work

• Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy: I trained in an approach that was developed by one of my teachers, Richard Schwartz PhD.

• Creativity / ArtIFS: Imagine simple creative tools to connect to yourself, gain deep insight, compassion and even healing. I cocreated a new way of using creative methods, equivalent to all steps of IFS Therapy.

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