Knowing God is consciously experiencing being ONE with Him.

Jesus Christ said "my Father and I are one". As the template behind all of existence, Jesus reflected the truth behind each soul's reality and destiny. Each soul can know being one with the Father and doing the works Jesus did [1].

Our capacity for knowing God comes from God only, whatever ignorance we're in. NOTHING has any power over God or knowing Him, including our mind, even if we don't know it yet.

When we are called to a greater reality, God "separates" our spirit and soul. In the Bible, Paul describes the Word of God [2] as being "sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit". We are called to live for our eternal spirit rather than dead soul stuff. Any suffering that comes our way is a consequence of clinging to our self-made identity rather than discovering our God-given spiritual identity. Like a baby ready to be birthed, we experience the darkness and constriction of the womb of the old identity. After 9 months in the womb, nothing can "fix' the problem of the womb being dark and not big enough for the baby to stretch in, however much one looks at it! Like the mother and baby experiencing birth pangs, we experience suffering.

So, when mind-perceived reality is at the forefront of your consciousness, however urgent, turn attention towards the ever-present reality of God. We don't have to do anything about it. Know that God gives all of us His Truth and love already :) 

Let go of holding onto anything (even the mental image/thought/belief of "God"); let go of trying to fix anything, even your perception; let go of lies that present themselves to you as truth and know God already has you. We are already one with the Father in our being because He made us. He imparted us His consciousness :)

God reveals His Truth to us when the mind can no longer take any credit for it. For example, God will give us the Peace not of this world when we're not doing anything to get it or thinking anything peaceful. Our relationship with God is always present, even if we've put him "on hold", disbelieved in His existence or been like the prodigal son in the Bible.

As we walk with God. His Kingdom is revealed to us more and more. Whatever some may think, we cannot create, fix or force our way into any Heaven/Utopia. Like birthing, unless directed to do something by the midwife, we only create birthing problems when we intervene!


When we see God's Truth, our mind is renewed on aspects of Reality, whether it be in our own life or different "worlds". As Christ renews our mind, healing comes, needs are miraculously met and new solutions suddenly appear. We don't resist evil (though might be called to expose it). We see evil in the Light and Truth of God -- and darkness automatically disappears in it! God has already worked in the world though it is not reflected in our consciousness because of an unrenewed mind. Eventually, we consciously experience that NOTHING has any power over God.

Like the baby in the womb, trust everything will happen in its right time. We have been designed to mature and not stay babies. Our spirit WANTS to claim our reality and Being IN God because it already the reality of it beyond space and time.

So, if you are in ANY worry, fear, pain or spiritual deadness in any way, turn away from what the mind/body perceives and wants towards Being in God already.


[1] None of this is possible without Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega.

[2] The Word is the Alpha and Omega, the ressurected, living Son of God who gives us life each moment and access to the Father.

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