Different foods are needed for a balanced healthy diet. Similarly, our spiritual development requires different sorts of spiritual food at each stage.

We are body, soul and spirit. The soul is composed of our emotions, thoughts, will etc.
What most people identify as "spiritual" is actually an awareness that we are more than what we see. The likelihood is that although you may consider yourself spiritual, you are not aware of your spirit.

The spirit in most people (around 95% of people I have come across) is "asleep". It will stay asleep unless God Himself quickens it, i.e. brings it to LIFE. Is it possible that He could do this apart from religion and churches? Yes! Most resources about this are usually within the religious genre or use religious words though. These are listed below.


God goes beyond religion, buildings, an organization or groups of people. No human teacher is perfect and the best teacher is the Holy Spirit, who Jesus called the Spirit of Truth. God does work through imperfect people with the Holy Spirit but He stirs our own spirit directly. It is up to us to pay attention and follow Him.

In my own journey, this is what kept me from considering God's existence and knowing my Creator's love for me:

  • I projected the emotional wounds caused by my upbringing (parents, society, education etc) onto God. I dismissed any serious thought about God, except in moments of desperation.

  • I was not in touch with my spiritual pride and Self-worship. Pride is at the root of everything that keeps us from God.

  • I saw God as the universe, energy, atman etc, rather than my creator who loved me and someone I could actually have a personal relationship with!

  • I saw morality as relative rather than universal. I realized later that Truth comes only from God because He created everything. Plus, God is ALWAYS true and never lies.

  • I did not understand that suffering, evil etc. exists in this world because we live in a fallen world populated by spiritual beings that want to keep us from God. These beings, acting through complicit humans, cause all kinds of chaos, havoc etc. Ultimately though, we are accountable for accepting their lies.
  • I did not know how to live for my spirit and only lived from my soul or body, attributing soulish things to mean "spiritual".

A relationship with God, through our quickened spirit is true spiritual nourishment and freedom. In our soul, we ALL long for God's love and presence but instead misplace that longing on other things. We also look for healing and answers from other sources, when only God can truly give us both.

We can receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and 100% proof of our Creator in our spirit. Jesus calls the Holy Spirit "the Spirit of Truth" and "comforter" for good reason.

God is ALL POWERFUL, ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING. All love comes from Him and He created us to be in relationship with Him.

Getting our needs met by God FAR surpasses getting needs met through the world, through sin or living for our body/soul.

God wants the best for us and the future of our everlasting soul.


As you read, listen or watch anything from the list below, pay attention to anything that seems interesting in some kind of new way. Allow God to lead you.

  • KJV bible and KJ3 bible (Literal translation from Greek)
  • www.rhemabooks.org distributes free printed resources
  • www.TasteHeavenNow.net (highly recommended)
  • "Release of the Spirit" by Watchman Nee
  • "Soul and Spirit" by Jessie Penn-Lewis

Deeper Study

  • KJV bible and KJ3 PLUS study using Greek/Hebrew concordances or apps like eSword (win), Bible Analyzer or MySword (android)
  • "The Spiritual Man" by Watchman Nee (highly recommended)
  • "War on the Saints" by Jessie Penn-Lewis
  • Authors like Andrew Murray, A.W. Tozer

  • Using Format