Different foods are needed for a balanced healthy diet. Similarly, our spiritual development requires different sorts of spiritual food at each stage.

We are body, soul and spirit. The soul is composed of your emotions, thoughts, will etc.

What most people identify as "spiritual" is actually an awareness that we are more than what we see. The likelihood is that although you may consider yourself spiritual, you are not aware of your spirit. 

The spirit in most people (around 95% of people I have come across) is "asleep". It will stay asleep unless God Himself quickens it, i.e. brings it to LIFE. Is it possible that He could do this apart from religion and churches? Yes, but it is longer way and still needs following Jesus' directions wholeheartedly.

If you're open to religious concepts, the resources below are for you. If not and sincerely want to find God, you're welcome to contact me directly -- who knows, I might be able to help on your journey?

If you're open to looking at Christianity, I discovered it is VITAL to be open to taking biblical concepts seriously and literally. Keep a note of any resistance and dismissiveness that comes up as you read this. It will be useful when looking at what keeps you from knowing God and your spirit. In my case, this is what kept me from considering God's existence:

  • I projected emotional wounds caused by my upbringing (parents, society, education etc) onto God and was bitter towards any serious thought about God, except in moments of desperation.
  • I was not in touch with my spiritual pride and Self-worship.
  • I saw God as the universe, energy, atman etc, rather than my creator who loved me and someone I could have a personal relationship with.
  • I saw morality as relative rather than universal. I realized later that Truth comes only from God because He created everything. God is ALWAYS true and never lies.
  • Suffering, evil etc. exists in this world because we live in a fallen world populated by spiritual beings that want to keep us from God. They cause all kinds of chaos, havoc etc. but ultimately, we are accountable for accepting their lies.

Below are some basic SPIRITUAL pointers: 

  • Our Body and Soul is designed to look towards the world to get all its needs met.
  • When these needs aren't met we learn to get them met in the world. It is impossible to meet every need because we are not all-seeing and all-knowing. God, however, can and wants to meet all those needs, but we are not taught how to do this by our parents, so we learn cover up our deficiencies in different worldly ways rather than taking them to God.
  • We are sustained by God, moment to moment. God loves us but we have free will to love Him back or not.
  • Sin hurts us, hurts God and damages our relationship with God. It also causes us to become spiritually deaf and blind.
  • We are, by default, a spiritually fallen species -- which causes our bodies to age and die.
  • As we get older, we sin more and more, however good we are and try to be. Humans are too spiritually blind to turn back from their sinful nature. Our hearts get hardened and also armoured from experiencing God's love as a result.
  • We remain disconnected from God as we get older. After death, our soul finalizes our divorce from God. Our soul will then know existence without the love and care of God -- Hell.
  • God loves us too much to let us perish. We are also designed for much more past this life itself. But what can heal our damaged and disconnected relationship with God?
  • A complete change of heart is needed. True repentence from all sin and seeking God's salvation. The price for our sins has been paid by God himself, through Jesus Christ taking on the full curse of our sins. Jesus paid all our fines, as it were and we can receive that as a gift. This price is God himself giving up his life for the payment of all sins -- if we accept it. We receive God's Holy Spirit in our spirit -- we are, at this stage, spiritual babies in a relationship with God.
  • Growing past this baby stage means living in the Holy Spirit and being discerning of the fallen spiritual realm. God quickens our spirit and eventually we receive a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. NO physical churches or religion is needed. Our body and soul is touched daily by the Holy Spirit and we start to live a supernatural life in God, whilst remaining spiritually discerning.

A relationship with God, through our quickened spirit is true spiritual nourishment and freedom. We can all receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and 100% proof of our Creator in our spirit. Jesus calls the Holy Spirit "the Spirit of Truth" and "comforter" for good reason.

God is ALL POWERFUL, ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING. All love comes from Him and he created us to be in relationship with Him.

Getting our needs met by God far surpasses getting needs met through the world or through sin.

God wants the best for our everlasting soul.


  • KJV bible and KJ3 (Literal translation from Greek)
  • www.rhemabooks.org distributes free printed resources
  • www.TasteHeavenNow.net (highly recommended)
  • "Release of the Spirit" by Watchman Nee

Advanced Topics

  • "The Spiritual Man" by Watchman Nee
  • "Soul and Spirit" by Jessie Penn-Lewis
  • Other authors like Andrew Murray, A.W. Tozer etc.

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