"Incredibly helpful, helped me sort through a lot of stuff I didn't understand on my own"

"You are one beautiful soul. Thank you so much"

"Nadine gave me the keys to my own heart and then travelled with me, hand in hand, to go through the deepest part of my body. She helped me repair my soul and I don't even know how it happened. It was a magical experience and I would love anybody out there in pain to feel the touch of an angel. Nadine, you are an angel. Thank you for your help!" - Alexia, teacher.

"I had ArtIFS sessions in a surprisingly challenging period of my life. I didn't know that before starting. When I started I approached the sessions as a way to discover myself in a quiet period of my life, in which I've been settling in London, instead what happened is that life knocked at the door, destroyed the door, built a new one: the sessions helped me to be conscious of what was happening.

I've also been working on my creative side for a while, but it's been only during the sessions with Nadine that my creativity has flourished on a canvas. I realized that I can create meaningful things. Not only drawings, or paintings, but actually most of the things I do in my life feel meaningful. I know where I'm going and have started keeping an eye on what I don't understand fully, which might have previously caused me pain in the past. The approach used in the sessions helped me realize all that, and also pushed me to keep on working on myself.

Nadine is a woman who worked on herself a lot, and deeply, before helping others with their journey. She is well-educated, professional, empathetic, curious, creative and full of positive energy.

Nadine has been open to talk about anything, fully understanding, not afraid to explore and to share her courage to touch emotionally challenging topics. I found the way she drives the sessions through the exercises very good in my case, and an effective way to explore my unconscious mind. Consequently, I take decisions which work best for me, my needs and personality." - F Iovine, software engineer.

"Even more helpful than talking sessions elsewhere - puts me in touch with feelings" - Anonymous, professional

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