Jesus Christ

Beyond the Quantum

Briefly --

1) God is beyond the quantum realm.

2) The consciousness and reality we "grow up" to live in is not Reality with a capital "R". There is no spiritual Truth to it. When God quickened my spirit, it gave me a reference point for what Life fully IN God is like. Sadly, "normal" human consciousness is a severely stunted compared to what Jesus Christ offers to us through his annointing! All technology is actually just a meagre substitute for what our spirit knows is possible through being one with God.

3) Our spirit innately knows and seeks the reality it was created for. Attempts to imagine or access this reality through anything but the salvation of Jesus Christ are based on falsehoods. They keep us trapped and do not help us know who we truly are.

4) Even if we might not believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit, God sustains us and keep us in Life! Jesus Christ is the portal to Life as God designed it. In fact, as the Alpha and Omega (the Beginning and End) he IS this dimension -- one we are designed for.

5) The real, living Jesus Christ exists even NOW. We can know that Jesus Christ is indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life and why there is no substitute for him. :)

Jesus Christ (God-made-flesh annointed by the Holy Spirit) is the source that underlies ALL existence and consciousness. He can be seen as the singularity of all existence and is, naturally, the master of quantum physics. This is why the Bible describes him as the King of Kings and that every single person will see this the moment all self-imposed blindfolds fall away.

Our existence is just not about this life. As a small child, I had visions of life beyond our normal space/time (pre-existence?) but not much made sense. I did not have the verbal vocabulary to describe things I was perceiving nor others in my life who could help me talk about it. Then I became an adult who could talk and learn about lots but, like everyone else, didn't realize what was happening to my soul and spirit.

In order to be able to know God and access the life we were made for, we must really become like little children. Just as Jesus taught his disciples.

As a teen, I was fascinated by quantum science, consciousness and Eastern mysticism. It was cool knowing I wasn't limited by my body or mind but I could never integrate actual, nitty-gritty life with the "spiritual" experiences I had when meditating or knowing about quantum reality. Reading the Bible did not help, but the Holy Spirit planted seeds of Truth that would sprout when the time was right. I continued to live in a false reality, which over 95% of the world lives in. It was only after the supernatural, life changing Baptism of the Holy Spirit that I started my training in God. The goal of God's training is to be that image of God He created us to be. Seeing that is just the start of our journey and it goes beyond our biological, physical existence. Wow!

The supernatural events in the Bible really did happen but we cannot understand them from a Newtonian, dualist perspective. The Bible is a primer about God and His multidimensional creation however we need the Holy Spirit to decrypt the most advanced life-giving spiritual Truths of the Bible directly into our spirit.

Jesus changed situations like poor health and even brought others to life instantly. He was at one with the will of the Creator, whose nature is perfect Love and 0% darkness. God created a universe reflecting that. He created humans to manifest reality in Him and what we see in this world is collective manifestation of humans not IN God.

Things like the Law of Attraction or The Secret attempt to tap into the quantum field. The gnostics and nondualists attempt it too subconsciously. However, this attempt is from a foundation of an understanding cut off from the bigger picture. Without the LOGOS (Jesus Christ), any manifestation won't do anything for our spirit nor shift false programming. We stay spiritually dead or asleep. We cannot see or reflect God's true Light.

In another vein, Eastern spirituality or mysticism without the salvation of Jesus Christ denies the reality of God -- whom our spirit is built to verify.

When God quickens (brings alive) our spirit, our spirit becomes one with Him. This does not happen without the Son of God. It can only happen when we work with the Master of quantum physics and King of Kings. Without the root of creation and unconditional love (that Jesus embodies and directs), we cannot access God's Kingdom or Heaven.

Learning to do this is a process that happens as our mind is deprogrammed from false conditioning and our soul starts to follow the spirit instead of being the master of it. Our body starts to also be filled with the Light of Christ, rather than the false light of minds and souls in bondage.

Unfortunately, new age gurus and religious cults sell a dead Jesus. The real love, power and multidimensional life of having our spirit one with the LOGOS is often swept under the carpet by cult leaders. Furthermore, instead of walking with Jesus, we are taught to say certain things, move in a certain way, repeat words or plead to a God we imagine. Even worse, some teach occult practices under the veneer of Christ. Instead of pursuing eternity, most who call themselves believers still live in a false reality. Anything without the resurrection of Jesus and his payment for freedom for all our sin is spiritual bypass. That said, I wasn't ready to let go of my "self" being God.

When our spirit is brought to life we receive a massive confirmation of what reality and true life is. Our spiritual eyes are opened and we know the Source of consciousness and reality.

We see and live life in a new way and Heaven is no longer a concept but a dimension that can even be experienced. Some even see it.

God waits to share revelation and resurrection to you directly :)