My Story

I've always felt a call to help others so tried out many things to see what was the best way for me. I:

  • Studied to be a medical doctor but left halfway through my course when I saw medicine wasn't the best way I could help people.
  • Followed my creativity by creating art and computer games; took photographs and even worked as a gardener -- all to inspire others and share the beauty of creation and being able to perceive it with our soul.
  • Practiced a psychotherapeutic modality to help others find their "Self" and facilitated deep emotional healing.
  • Cocreated an innovative framework and set of artistic/creative tools merging art and partswork for self development, problem solving and healing.
  • Practiced a unique and powerful form of life coaching using intuition.

Despite all this, however, I was still lost spiritually.

With regard to things of the soul and spirit, only 100% certainty satisfies me and the awareness of being lost was what I had going for me!

Then, without realizing why I was doing it, I walked away from everything not aligned with Truth and found what is more powerful than all of the above -- God our Creator. Imagine that! No one was more surprised than I.

When I walked away from things that were not aligned with Truth, things started to change for me in unusual ways. I didn't believe in God but life was showing me there was something much, much bigger than me and the material/spiritual world. I gave my life up to find that pure goodness that I knew somehow existed and all of these changes culminated over a period of time in a life changing event.  

After a childhood of Catholicism, years of atheism, followed by esoteric and eastern spirituality, God touched me! When this happened, I knew with 100% certainty that I have a Creator, that I was meeting my Creator and that He was reaching out to me. Sitting in my bedroom one day in Summer 2017, my life changed in an instant and it all happened without any religion, churches or spirituality.

Without any belief in God or faith in any religion (but being somewhat open to having a creator), God's Spirit descended into me from above. I knew this was my creator because the root of every single wish and desire I had my whole life was filled in an instant. I knew at that point that the Spirit that came into me was the very same spirit that was breathed LIFE into the first man and woman. A memory of our original connection with God is programmed into all our souls and we all seek it out in different ways.

My heart, soul and spirit took on another dimension after this.

Months of alternating shock and intense bliss/joy followed as I stayed in God's presence. Despite my anti-Christian tendencies, and fighting tooth-and-nail against blind acceptance, the Holy Spirit "downloaded" spiritual revelations into me about how and why Jesus Christ really was the Son of God who died for our sins. This would have been impossible for me to grasp mentally because I lacked conscious faith - there is a long path and a short path, as it were, and I took the very long path.

After these revelations, any conditioning from eastern relgions, spirituality and the occult made me sick, as if suddenly being able to sense to a much greater degree some kind of spiritual poison and darkness.

In my continuing shock, I tried hard not to look at these revelations through a lens of religion. In my experience, religion only created problems. My intellect and reasoning went into turbo mode and I battled with old concepts I'd assigned to the dustbin.

I realized that what I thought I knew about God/Jesus I had only learnt through human beings who didn't actually know God's Spirit and who didn't live in full alignment to Truth. Like myself, what most know through other people (who are not led by the Holy Spirit) is a spirit of religion, rather than God.

I also saw that the states and experiences of Self/No-Self of Eastern spiritual traditions are there only because God sustains us in this life, moment-by-moment, in unconditional love. He is there standing with us, but we are deaf/blind to Him.

God continues to reveal things to me -- useful in both for day-to-day living and for understanding the bigger picture about humanity. Here are some of the first few things revealed to me, just as they were written about by people of God in the Bible -- things I did not truly get before.

What I Found Out

  • We can discover for ourselves, God in our own lives and that a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, separate from religion or churches, is possible. God, in fact, wants a relationship with us, that we ALL in our heart seek a relationship with God in our deepest being.
  • God's revelation surpasses all human knowledge and understanding.
  • I discovered that I could discern things 'psychics' could not, thanks to the Holy Spirit within me.
  • A relationship with God is extremely grounding and balanced.
  • When we look at things from a soul level, it's much easier to see God's love in our life - a love that is unconditional, pure and holy.
  • All humans either choose to live for our temporal body or our eternal soul.
  • Jesus' death and resurrection has repercussions for us all. He taught us about living in God's Truth and brought us to God but very few people get it, even if they are religious.
  • OUR LIFE HAS MEANING. We live our most fulfilling life when we're in alignment with Truth.
  • Good and evil exist in the spiritual realm. God, in his power and love allows it for an amazing reason. There is actually no such thing as spiritual mastery because psychics or "intuitive consultants" actually look through a very narrow perspective. They come from a place that only benefits our temporary, NOT ETERNAL, life and so always harms us in an unseen way.
  • God provides true healing and empowerment. No psychological/emotional therapy or coaching comes close!
    Imagine the most awesome love -- God's love is much bigger than that! Pure, holy, liquid light and love that our being seeks.

Many of the things I discovered by experience are written about in the Bible -- but I needed to know our Creator POWERFULLY and personally in my own life to get it. It was the long and hard way!

Those who sincerely seek Truth diligently will find what they're looking for -- we can all discover God's Truth, Love and Joy in our own life. Nothing is better than a personal relationship with our Creator.

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