Spirit, Soul and Body

Imagine having the Creator standing next to you and being able to ask him anything. What would you ask him? Thankfully, even if we don't yet have a relationship with God, He never changes and is always true. The Creator shares the same information with humanity and His children.

This page is about how all humans are designed to be in relationship with God.

  • We are threefold in nature. Body, soul and spirit. People see body first, then soul and finally spirit. God sees our spirit first.
  • Our Body and Soul is designed to look towards the world to get all its needs met. Our spirit is designed to commune with God. We are designed to be temples of the Holy Spirit.
  • When our needs aren't met we learn to get them met in the world. It is impossible for us/other people to meet our every need however God can. He wants to meet all our needs, but we are not taught how to do this by our parents, so we learn cover up our deficiencies in different worldly ways rather than taking them to God.
  • God loves us and wants us to grow into spiritual maturity in Christ. He has given us a body, intellect, emotions, free will, skepticism and so on for good reason. However, without the Holy Spirit, we cannot discern spiritual things without falling for falsehoods.
  • Sin is like spiritual toxic waste. It hurts us, hurts God and damages our relationship with God. It also causes us to become spiritually deaf and blind. Sin is like toxic sludge in our spirit.
  • We are, by default, a spiritually fallen species -- sin causes our bodies to die.
  • Any sin disconnects us from God, however good we are and try to be. By default, our spirit is cut off from God.
  • We remain disconnected from God as we get older. After death, our soul finalizes our divorce from God. Our soul will then know existence without the love and care of God -- Hell. It is a dimension that sometimes creeps up in our consciousness in this life.
  • God loves us too much to let us perish. We are also designed for much more past this life itself. But what can heal our damaged and disconnected relationship with God?
  • A complete change of heart is needed. Jesus, a sinless human and LOGOS (God in human form), willingly paid the penalty for all sin and we can receive that as a gift. If our heart truly turns towards God and we accept this gift, we receive God's Holy Spirit in our spirit -- we are, at this stage, spiritual babies in a relationship with God.
  • Growing past this baby stage means living in the Holy Spirit. God quickens our spirit and eventually we receive a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. NO physical churches or religion is needed, although they can be helpful if we find the right one. Our body and soul is touched daily by the Holy Spirit and we start to have a direct relationship with our Creator!
  • If our spirit stays disconnected from God or at a baby Christian stage, then those with a larger spirit will inevitably be drawn to the 'spiritual' arts -- such as meditation, esotericism, yoga, the occult etc. They do this to a) compensate for the lack of Holy-Spirit/God in their daily life and b) attempt to lessen the effects of spiritual oppression/possession in their body and soul. The only Godly antidote against these is to draw closer to God.


 -- Through which we sense the spiritual. we can personally relate to God directly.

When we are born again and God quickens (makes alive) our spirit, if we are led by God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, we are children of God. We can actively allow God's love, peace and healing to affect the world around us.

In its default state, our spirit is cut off from God. Children are innocent because their soul nature is not yet fully developed or entrenched in sin and the fallen world.


-- Through which we relate to the social world and ourselves. Who we really are.

Remains worldly (unless we use our will to live from the Spirit) because of its connection to the body.

The everlasting soul will either find God or remain forever disconnected from God after death. In the latter case, death will essentially be the final divorce from God's love and mercy.

ALL people are influenced by the fallen spiritual realm and can be oppressed or possessed in their soul/body.

ALL religion, psychology/psychiatry and techniques (like new-age meditations, chants, shamanism, hypnosis, IFS Therapy etc.) work on the level of the soul or body. They do not touch the spirit, even if they purport to be spiritual in nature.


-- Through which we relate to the physical world.

If we have the Holy Spirit -- a two-way connection with God -- God resurrects our dead body at an event called the Resurrection of the Saints. If we are alive during that time, those whose spirits are quickened will get new bodies like Jesus'.

The mystery of the raptures* to come, like other mysteries, are revealed in the Bible as well as to people directly by the Holy Spirit.

*The first will be a sudden disappearance/death of millions of people which will leave the rest of the world bewildered. The rapture, long popularized in the "Left Behind" movies will follow 6-7 years. For more information about the timeline, visit MinistryRevealed.com

The Spiritual World

These are angels, fallen angels and demons (the spirits who want to inhabit bodies/souls).

So-called "ascended masters", spirits guides, nature spirits, extraterrestrials etc are interdimensional spirit beings rebellious to God -- all are either fallen angels or demons, usually pretending to be what they are not. Even many that come in the name of the Creator, Jesus Christ or claim the power of Holy Spirit are not.

Miracles, healings, wisdom etc. can also come from the fallen spiritual realm.

Every single person in the world has been oppressed or possessed by spirit beings. Oftentimes, we take this oppression/possession to be the natural state of affairs and assume all thoughts, feelings etc originate from within us or are "parts" of ourselves. This isn't necessarily the case. In the Bible, Jesus had perfect spiritual discernment and connection to our Father in Heaven -- he knew exactly which spirit a person spoke from. When the Holy Spirit resides in our spirit, we too can benefit from this discernment.

Witchcraft, channelling, shamanism etc. rely on contact with the fallen spiritual world, rather than God, the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. These practices ALL involve connection with fallen spirit beings. Almost everyone has spiritual entities living in their body/soul as a result of sin and occult practices. Until we are delivered from them (by Jesus' authority only) we are oblivious to them.

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