I hope my testimony is helpful to all who read it  :)

 I was anti-Christian but without knowing it, I inadvertently (through God's grace), followed something called the Christian Roman's Road. Through trial and error, I saw that the usual way of dealing with suffering, seeking fulfilment or spiritual development were just empty promises. Somehow, I started resisted the "devil" -- another Christian concept I had dismissed and an entity I did not believe in.

Thankfully, God does not rely on our knowledge in order to exist or show His love to us.

When my heart was truly open to Him, God supercharged my spirit -- bringing to life something I did not know needed Life. I consciously KNEW the Creator in a relationship. For the first time in my life, I experienced the supernatural joy of God's presence IN my spirit. This was not the nondual Self, the "I Am"of consciousness but the "I Am that I Am"!

Metaphorically speaking, the sovereign Creator, the source of "I Am" of all, said "Here I AM" to little ol' me! I finally knew our Creator as well as what it was like to connect with HIM.

Despite this, my anti-Christian sentiment persisted with me for a while. I was still into nonduality, eastern religions, the new-age and averse to anything Christian, despite revelations of who Jesus Christ really is and why only he is the way to our Creator.

Months later, still with the supernatural joy of God's presence and ongoing revelations, I had to finally admit to myself that yes, the Bible indeed speaks of what happened to me with astounding accuracy. The clincher was seeing paintings of the Pentecost, which visually represented what happened experientially and spiritually. Paintings of people with halos visually portrayed the Spirit of God I could spiritually sense around my head for months prior to being reborn. Paintings of the Pentecost (when the Holy Spirit filled Jesus' disciples) expressed that fateful day, as I sat in my own room. The religious art I'd dismissed in the past and never had a liking for shook me to the core and I could no longer deny what (or rather. WHO) was there before me and in my spirit!

For months after, I also had to contend with the spirit of religion (not the Holy Spirit) present in religious and non-religious people I encountered. God continued to teach me about why following a religion (including "christianity") does not mean following God's Holy Spirit waiting to touch every single one of us.

Additionally, the Truths being revealed in my spirit were only found in the Bible. I knew how the nondualists essentially only got part of the picture. Despite slightly similar supernatural occurrences in the new-age and other religions... nothing touched what Old and New Testament spoke about. My Creator needed to show me Himself, and finally my sin was not in the way.

I later found out there was a phrase for what initially happened to me --  the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As I read the writings of Paul in the New Testament, I discerned that here was someone who really got it. It was as if I was reading the writings of a close friend who understood what was happening with me completely.

The most unbelievable revelation of it all being that yes, a beautiful spirit -- God-made-man Himself -- willingly died for me -- imperfect, sinning and finally broken me. For the first time, it wasn't as if some possibly real person had died for sin. I knew with certainty, in the depths of my being, that the Son of GOD died for MY sins. And I was free.

The Creator

Separate from His Creation


God, the Father (YHWH):

  • Created the universe and is outside time/space/all creation.
  • Is so Holy that fallen flesh could even be destroyed in the presence of such power.
  • Created the universe and is outside time/space/all creation.
  • Does not change
  • Is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent so there is no darkness in Him, nor lie. It just isn't in His nature.
  • Is the source of the Living Waters which sustain our spirit, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  • Fulfills our every need
  • is the most perfect, loving Father because He does not sin and sees completely within our true hearts.
  • We pray to God, our Father and He answers!!
  • All of creation sings His praises.
  • Wants a relationship with His creation.
  • Made humans in His image! We have the same feelings as God though His omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent nature means His thoughts and feelings are true. There is only Light in God.

The Creator 

AS Creation too

With authority over ALL creation

-- the LOGOS

God, the Son - Jesus Christ

  • Only God Himself could take on ALL the sins of the WHOLE world, without which Satan has dominion over humans. Humans are too limited to even know all the sins they've committed. Sin automatically disconnects us from God and nothing we can do, however good we are can make up for it.
  • Was a sinless human as well as God and therefore the substitute for all sins for all humans. Satan can no longer condemn those who've been saved because he crucified a sinless, innocent human. Jesus willingly gave his life!
  • Demonstrates and shows God in human form (the Way)
  • Reveals the Truth to humans and is an example (the Truth) for all
  • Teaches humans how to connect to our Father and be repentant (the way)
  • Gives us the Holy Spirit (the Life)
  • Is the LOGOS -- all human beings intuitively know him as the perfect goodness in humanity. The LOGOS transcends all time/space.

The Creator

IN Creation + the Living connection with the Creator

Living in the spirit of humans washed clean of sin by the blood of the LOGOS.

God, The Holy Spirit

  • Humans need Jesus or God with them because they are limited/sinful.
  • Without the physical presence of Jesus Christ or God, a loving, just and holy God has given us the Holy Spirit!
  • The Holy Spirit speaks only of God and Jesus, slowly leading those who seek God to greater Truth and revelation. Always respects our free will and never coerces anyone to anything.
  • Leads us to Jesus' salvation before we are born again, and sanctification after we are born again, IF we listen.
  • Moves in the world
  • Like a LIVING, sentient broadband 2-way connection through which God touches our spirit. 
  • Speaks only of God, the Father and God, the Son.
  • In our life on Earth, we know our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in our spirit through the Holy Spirit only, or until Jesus returns.

Humans without the Holy Spirit are disconnected from the Creator, even though they might know the love, peace and joy He showers on all. God is waiting for us all to seek Him and truly recognize the harm we've caused in our relationship with him and each other (sin). It's a 2-way relationship, after all! God has already paid the price for it, through the blood of Jesus (Yeshua) -- with no other payment option even being possible! Forgiveness is already there for us.

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