I've always felt a call to help others so tried out many things to see what was the best way for me. I:

  • Studied to be a medical doctor but left halfway through my course when I saw medicine wasn't the best way I could help people.
  • Followed my creativity by creating art and computer games; took photographs and even worked as a gardener -- all to inspire and share the beauty of creation and being able to perceive it with our soul.
  • Practiced IFS Therapy to help others find their "Self" and facilitated deep emotional healing.
  • Cocreated a unique framework and set of creative tools anyone could use for self development, problem solving and healing.
  • Practiced a unique form of spiritual life coaching using intuition.

Then, without realizing it, I walked away from everything not aligned to God's will for me and I found something even more powerful than all of the above.

God touched me :)

After years of atheism and exploration of eastern spirituality, I saw without any doubt that God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are REAL. In my shock, I tried hard not to look at my discovery through a lens of religion. My intellect and reasoning went into turbo mode and I battled with old concepts I'd assigned to the dustbin. After a while, I realized it all made sense! If human beings don't know God's Spirit, will and infinite LOVE it's impossible to teach or share God's love with others. 

My childhood (and adulthood) understanding of the very real concepts of sin, repentance, resurrection were totally skewed. No wonder I didn't get it before! Furthermore, I realized many things I was doing prior to being "born again in spirit" were actually taking me away further from God.

This is what I found out.

  • We are soul, spirit and body (temporary). God guides our soul from creation. When we look at things from a soul level, it's much easier to see God's love in our life. We can actually listen to God through our Soul.
  • We either live for our temporal body or our eternal soul.
  • Jesus' death and resurrection has repercussions for us all. He brought us to God but very few know how to experience God’s love in their life.
  • Our life has meaning. We live our purpose when we're in alignment with God's will.
  • God wants to walk with us and support us every step of the way.
  • We don't hear God when our hearts have hardened and our minds are stagnant.
  • Good and evil exist. Spiritual deception exists in almost all of spirituality. God, in his power and love allows it for an amazing reason.
  • Human judgement doesn't ultimate matter.
  • The Bible started to make some sense, including God's wrath!

The vast majority of people, including Christians, turn away God's pure love without realizing it.

I support others to find their way to God again; to release things that keep them from God and help people live for their soul. God is in charge of everything, of course; has he led you to me?

If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me using the form below. Please make sure you've added a correct email address.

Some points to consider:

  • I don't belong to any religious denomination and see the Spirit of the living God in my life in the Bible too.
  • I do not provide medical or psychological advice.
  • I do not practice IFS therapy.
  • Most conversations are either online (Zoom) or through email. Non urgent face-to-face meetings can be arranged at longer notice.


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